Analyze teams and communicate with players the way you always wanted

Take Performance Analysis
to the next level

Metrica Sports provides clubs with two unique features: Detection of key moments (by way of our pattern-recognition technology) and full match on-video visualisations on your preferred video recording. We provide the best way to combine Data & Video.

Plot and visualize the relevant information in a fast, flexible and easy way

The Most Intuitive
Video Tool

Improve the interaction with your players by showing them hard facts in a visual and intuitive way connected to the video.
With Metrica Play

Set visualisations in seconds

Add powerful interactivity to your videos before your presentations, by adding all the visualisations Metrica Play brings in just a matter of seconds.

  • On-Video Visualisations: Coaching staffs can communicate facts to the players in a very visual way. Control presentations from your computer or your screen.
  • Visual Annotations: Preprogram all visualisations beforehand, so you don’t have to slow down while presenting to your players.
Reinforcing the tools of the physical trainer

Physical Data Insights

Now providing all the information you need to know related to the physical aspects of the game… and all linked with the video!

  • Everyone in the staff will improve their work. We cover physical analysis needs regarding stats and player performance.
  • Be able to interlace all the physical information with all the tactical data.

Data Feeds

A wide range of events with a timestamp and an X/Y pitch coordinate split by player and team.

Adapted to your needs

You decide how you want to dig it.

The Greatest Accuracy

We have the most precise data in the market.

High Resolution Data
at your service

Automatic detection of key phases of the game relevant to you

We can detect anything you instruct us identify. Even things that are hard for the human eye to notice or things that might just cost you too much time look for yourself.

Real Solutions for Coaches

The level of assimilation that something must be done in a certain way, guarantees you greater efficiency, through visualisation and verification of this data. With Metrica Play we have more arguments to try to be better and thus, transmit to the team those concepts we want to communicate with better argued bases.

Marcelino Garcia Toral
Head Coach