Welcome aboard, Levante UD

Welcome aboard, Levante UD

We are proud to announce that Levante UD, competing in the Spanish League LaLiga, has chosen Metrica Sports for their coaching analysis.

Metrica Sports will provide the club with Metrica Play Pro, our new platform powered by artificial intelligence to engage with players efficiently.

The agreement will provide coaching staff this desktop platform that allows automatic tracking of players for all 22 players in all their games on regular season, not only for their own games analysis, but also for opponent games. This tracking data will provide the team with the ability to look at the game in an unique way: Full match on-video visualizations on their preferred recordings.

We look forward to working closely with Levante UD and support their players and coaches with state-of-the-art automatic tracking technology.

Metrica Sports provides a combination of tracking, event and dynamic video visualizations solutions to track every player’s movement in games.  Providing data points 15 times per second, Metrica Play software allows coaches and analysts to make data driven performance decisions and provides a platform to identify technical and tactical movement patterns that are specific to an individual team’s style of play or coaching philosophy.


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