Synergy. Union. Unlimited.

Bring your team
together in one place.

PLAY for Teams. Create a collaborative environment with the entire coaching staff.

Full game on-video
visualization on your
preferred video recording

Overlay dynamic and static visualizations onto your videos to communicate easily with players and staff.

Automatic player
detection using artificial

Tracking data is available throughout the video, allowing you to build your presentations quickly and easily. You can also track players instantly and manually through our keyframing frame by frame editor.

Automatic field
detection for
quantifiable analysis

Empower your analysis by getting field information. Field Detection and homography extraction. An accurate result is obtained from detecting line pixels through Metrica EYE, our AI engine, with only minimal information from a single video source.

Games, events and clips
to share and organize

You can create and share your playlists with the entire coaching staff. You can build collaborative presentations or send your presentations directly to the coach for review.

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* Available for Mac OS & Windows

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