Smart Tagging for Football: Discover how to elevate your video analysis

Smart Tagging for Football: Discover how to elevate your video analysis
Smart Tagging for Football: Discover how to elevate your video analysis

Introduction to Smart Tagging: Transforming Football Analysis

Enter the future of football analysis with Smart Tagging by Metrica Sports. This groundbreaking AI-driven feature, seamlessly integrated into our Automated Tracking Data, is changing the game for teams of all levels.

Gone are the days of tedious video analysis. Smart Tagging automates the identification of crucial game moments, reducing analysis time and empowering teams with advanced data insights.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of Smart Tagging, revolutionizing how coaches and analysts understand the beautiful game. Welcome to a new era in football analysis. Welcome to Smart Tagging by Metrica Sports.

The Need for Innovation: Smart Tagging in Football

The landscape of football analysis is evolving rapidly, thanks to innovative technologies like Smart Tagging by Metrica Sports. This AI-driven feature, a key component of Automated Tracking Data, is transforming the way coaches and analysts understand and interact with the game. Smart Tagging enables the identification of intricate game patterns, simplifies coding processes, and significantly reduces video analysis time.

Smart Tagging transforms football analysis, offering a streamlined approach to dissecting matches. It ensures that teams can quickly identify and analyze the most crucial moments of play, enhancing strategy and performance.

The traditional approach to football video analysis, is highly time-consuming, often overlooks the subtle yet critical dynamics of the game. Smart Tagging is a revolutionary AI technology designed to automate video analysis workflows, thereby spotlighting essential moments in matches with precision and speed.

As football analytics progress, Smart Tagging by Metrica Sports stands out as a pivotal tool. By integrating this feature with Automated Tracking Data, teams gain access to actionable insights that were once unreachable, enhancing their tactical approach and on-field performance.

Smart Tagging: Revolutionizing Football Analysis

Smart Tagging employs AI to automatically detect key events in football matches, enriching Metrica Sports’ Automated Tracking Data with profound insights. This feature automatically detects new and improved event tags/codes, such as “Build Ups”, “Counter Attacks”, “Direct Attacks”, “Organized Attacks” and “Shots and Crosses”, providing a comprehensive view of game strategies.

Smart Tagging offers an array of features for detailed football analysis. Start obtaining new and enhanced events, from “Attacking Players in the Box” to detailed “Set Pieces” such as “Goals”, “Throw-Ins”, “Goal Kicks” and “Corner Kicks”, these features provide a new depth to football strategy understanding.

Smart Tagging also detects moments of the game based on the ball position, such as “Ball in Final Third” and “Ball in the Box” and based on physical data such as “Sprints”.

Smart Tagging for Football: Discover how to elevate your video analysis

Starting with Smart Tagging: A Simple Guide

If you want to take a more profound look into Smart Tagging and all the features that Automated Tracking Data brings, we have a sample dataset for a game available so that you can try this out yourself. Simply register for an account, download Play by Metrica Sports, and use the key SMART. This process opens up a world of AI-driven game analysis, setting your team apart.

To access it, follow these steps:

1- Do you already have an account? Go to the next step. If not, register here.

2- Do you have the latest version of Play by Metrica Sports? Go to the next step. If not, download it here.

3- Follow the instructions in this tutorial from our Help Center, use the key SMART to add the Video Project to your Cloud Engine.

4- Follow the instructions in this tutorial from our Help Center, to do download the Video Project with Smart Tagging from Cloud Engine into Play.

Smart Tagging Accessibility: Pricing and Packages

Smart Tagging is included within our Automated Tracking Data (ATD) technology, so it is available on any plan, including the free one, ensuring teams of all sizes can benefit from this advanced analysis tool without financial strain.

ATD is the most advanced way to get meaningful visual analytics. Release the power of tactical analysis with low effort and budget. Get minute packs for ATD or go to Cloud and upload your games as you normally do.

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