SL Benfica and Metrica Sports sign a Video & Data Analysis partnership

SL Benfica and Metrica Sports sign a Video & Data Analysis partnership
SL Benfica and Metrica Sports sign a Video & Data Analysis partnership

The partnership with Metrica Sports will provide Sport Lisboa e Benfica with a way to generate tracking data of any game. Moreover, the use of Play by Metrica Sports will allow them to integrate their data and video analysis processes in one place.

Metrica Sports, a leading name in AI-powered software for sports tactical analysis, is pleased to announce that S.L Benfica has joined as their new client on their highest plan. The Elite Plan provides access to Play’s full functionality, achieving the highest level of automation, in which video analysts can import their models and customize the software to automatically detect and classify critical moments of the game according to their particular needs.

Ruben Saavedra, CEO & Co-founder at Metrica Sports, said:

“It is a great pleasure to work with S.L Benfica, as they are one of the leading clubs in the world integrating data analysis workflows into their decision-making processes. We are very excited to be working alongside such a progressive club. This partnership, strongly beneficial for both parties, will allow S.L. Benfica to develop its analytics department further while Metrica Sports continues to learn from the best in the world to deliver the latest analytics solutions at all levels of the game.”

Moreover, this agreement will allow S.L. Benfica to be one of the first clubs in the world to benefit from Play’s newest functionality: Tracking Correction Manager. With this feature, the club will be able to generate corrected tracking data from any game, either their matches or their opponents, empowering their already established data analysis department.

As part of this partnership, Metrica Sports will provide ten additional Lite Plan licenses for S.L. Benfica’s women’s team, their academy, and other sports within the club, such as field hockey, handball, and futsal.

Considering the needs of this multi-sports club, Metrica Sports will be supporting them on an ongoing basis with two account managers, one specialized in data solutions and another one for general use of the features. In addition, Metrica Sports’ technical team will provide full training for S.L Benfica’s coaching staff and other collaborators.

Joao Copeto, CIO – Chief Information & Technology Manager at Sport Lisboa e Benfica, said:             

Metrica Sports adds an additional layer to our analysis capabilities. Every club struggle to get the most complete data from their own team and adversaries. The ability to extract data from complete games or to conduct partial analysis is critical to answer the requests of the modern game models. We’re very pleased to start this partnership, with the commitment showed by Metrica since the first meeting. Together, we aim to develop better and more accurate analysis, using the prime source of information to all collective sports: Video.”


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