Scout out Top-Notch Players with Elite-Level Software

Scout out Top-Notch Players with Elite-Level Software
Scout out Top-Notch Players with Elite-Level Software

Learn how scouts from top clubs are using elite-level software to highlight top-notch players in an exclusive way: Play by Metrica Sports.

With the responsibility—and privilege—of finding the stand-out players that can make all the difference on the pitch, scouts of top clubs all over the world are presented with a unique challenge in today’s football world: information overload.

Trusted with the task of discovering the best players anywhere in the world, scouts have to juggle the undertaking of sorting through hundreds of thousands of highlight reels. Then from all of those raw clips, after having found a handful of spotlight players, they have to present a curated report with supporting video.

They have to then manually identify players through video labelling, utilize sports event data derived from video alone, and bring scouting objectivity to the next level.

With that long to-do list, bringing the best to the head of scouting or sports director can be tough on both extremes—from the tech-savvy recruiter to the old-school scout.

Enter Metrica Sports: a data-driven video analysis software that solidifies scouting reports on a user-friendly platform.

The Pressure’s On: Scout out the Next Superstar with Metrica Sports

The scouting process has changed drastically over the last few years. About a decade ago, clubs had a network of scouts in different location watching games to try and spot the next big talent. Nowadays, the access to video has spread and therefore scouts rely on video on the first phase (detection of talent) and only watch live the shortlisted players.

Metrica Sports is bringing to all clubs the new generation of scouting tools.
In the age of data, we are bombarded with a lot of software and data. Metrica Sports can help you filter all the information you HAVE to only the information you NEED.

Empowering scouts with decision-making data, creating objective analysis for seamless reports, and cutting time originally used for manual tracking and downloading team videos, these scouts have been using next-level software to find the next, next-level player.

With Metrica Sports’ technology and software, clubs all over the world have been cutting down video editing time and maximizing scouting reports with user-friendly, data-packed features like:

1) Playlist and Coding Capabilities with videos transferred from any device, scouts can then—

• pull codes to label the game’s events
• put together playlists of certain players
• annotate the videos to identify key players, and
• gather specific data to support game-changing decisions.

2) Player Tracking

Metrica Sports helps you present easy-to-follow, ready-to-send video to support your scouting report with—
• automatic tracking of every player on the pitch
• the ability to spotlight your scouted player in every video

3) Performance Analysis

Making the scouting process as objective as possible, a scout needs reliable statistics to support a contract-signing decision. Scouts use performance analysis features to—
• reinforce decision-making
• turn performance into statistics
• identify patterns in the play

From high-level teams to soccer clubs of all sizes and levels, scouting out top-notch players just became more user-friendly.

With the drag-and-drop software, clubs can improve their efficiency off the field to boost performance in the game.
Enzo Angilletta, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Metrica Sports, explains how these top scouts use the analysis scouting software to streamline their scouting process.

“Being able to tap into the AI on any video format from games, training, and anything football-related, is game-changing for scouts at any level,” he explains. “The technology tracks all players on the pitch to make it easier for you to pick out the recruited player. This automation gives you more time to review more players.”

The Scouting Report: Metrica Sports vs. The World

How Metrica measures up vs. other game analysis software for scouts.

On the field, analyzing a 1-v-1 opportunity can tell a recruiter a lot about a player. So, how does Metrica Sports stack up against other software on the market?
Sancho Quinn, UK Area Manager at Metrica Sports, reports on the highlights of how these platforms compare:

“There are a lot of platforms for video analysis out there—however, the way Metrica Sports acquires data is unique to the game. Not only do you have video visualization, but you also can calculate speed, the distance between players, and other game-changing statistics.”

Why choosing Metrica Sports for scouting processes?

To help you find the stand-out player for any level—from third league clubs to top-level universities and beyond—this elite-level software gives pro tools to any level scout.

Metrica Sports is specifically made to easily organize a playlist for player reports,” Quinn says. “With the Automatic Player Tracking, unique to the platform, the coach knows who she or he is looking at immediately.”

Clubs use Metrica Sports to:

1) Bring the most objectivity and value to the table—with more numerical, analytical data to compare and contrast players at a detailed level. Automatic player and field tracking technology are used to generate data from any player from any league for quantifiable analysis, allowing clubs to get the data they need and compare the scouted player with current team players in parameters such as:
• How fast is he?
• What does his physical performance in games look like?
• How does he react in specific situations, etc.

In short, it allows them to remove any subjectivity in the analysis of the player, being able to assess his performance and compare it to the current players or other prospects.

2) Visualize speed and other attributes—turning “she looks really fast” into real-number statistics you can get behind.

3) Simplify the evaluation process—by eliminating the need to go through several different games on a number of different platforms. The platform does multi-video and multi-XML sync. You can also synchronize other videos from multiple sources and view critical moments through various views.

4) Generate easy-to-follow reports—with a user-friendly Code Manager, they can create events and customize code to tailor to finding your perfect player. At the elite level, scouts can resource data scientists to translate game data into useable information using tools available in Play, or analysing the data themselves and visualising it in Play.

The Future of Scouting Software, Available to Everyone

From a deeper, more statistical analysis to streamline the scouting process with a user-friendly platform, clubs already using Metrica Sports can tap into tomorrow’s technology today.

Rubén Saavedra Pascual, Co-Founder and CEO, highlights how the platform is hoping to level the playing field when it comes to the availability of elite-level tools to find the best players.

“To keep up with best, you have to have the best tools. Our free platform can already be put to use to improve your team’s line-up with user-friendly software capabilities, but for the future, we hope to make in-depth analysis at our elite tier available for everyone—at any level.”

With this elite-level plan, teams can tap into the resources big clubs use to gain better insights. With more profound visualizations and higher quality broadcast level, this can up your scouting report to improve your football team.

Find Top-Notch Players with Elite-Level Software

Exclusively made for the best scouts, available to anyone, find out more about how Metrica Sports can help you find the best players and improve your scouting report and process.

About Metrica Sports:

Metrica Sports was founded in 2014 by CEO Ruben Saavedra, CTO Bruno Dagnino and CMO Enzo Angilletta. Metrica uses artificial intelligence to bring insights and performance improvements to clubs, academies and athletes all over the world. The vision of the founders is to give cutting-edge video and data analysis solutions to every coach, analyst and player in the world.


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