Initiative to Empower the Football Analytics Community

Empowering the football analytics community​

For football analytics to really thrive and become established, we need to empower the community to innovate.

One of the main reasons why the communitiy is being held back and not thriving as much as it has potential for, is because for far too long high quality tracking and event data has been locked inside companies and clubs.

We have one of the smartest and most engaged communities of scientists, engineers and researchers, but they are constrained by the lack of available data.

They have the capacity, but they are lacking the raw material to work with.

This project wants to solve this.

Bridging the gap

There are many efforts (including ours) in the community and space that focus on improving the application of data analytics in the workflow of coaches and analysts:

image by Karun Singh

However, very little effort is put into making those solutions available to everyone. The number of clubs and organizations that truly take advantage of analytics is still a small percentage of the global football community.

This project is a fundamental part of our larger mission: provide best in class performance analysis solutions at all levels of the game.

Videos & Data made public

We want to provide the football analytics community with videos, tracking and event data of as many professional games as possible. It’s a disruptive project, with a huge potential impact on the community and market, but we can’t do it alone.

to clubs, leagues and federations

For this project to become a reality, two things are needed:

We can provide the tracking and/or event data services, but we don’t have the rights. So, we are making an open call to clubs, leagues, federations, confederations and other companies who care about this as much as we do and who have the rights to make the data and videos accessible to everyone.

How does it work?

  • Tactical/scouting recording of full professional (or high quality level academy) football games.
  • Someone at the organization that can approve this data and videos being shared with the community

We will process the tracking and event data for the games for free.

  1. Free data of your games.
  2. Your brand or organization associated with one of the highest impact projects on the football analytics community to date.

Since we can only process a limited number of games, we will first meet and evaluate all applicants to decide on the best partner/s for the project. We want to get the community the best games, videos and data possible!

Interested in becoming a partner?

Fill out the form below, if you are the right holder or could become an internal champion at an organization that could enable this:

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In the meantime, you can check the sample data available here.