Play, like you’ve never seen it before

Play, like you've never seen it before
Play, like you've never seen it before

All good things must come to an end…and be replaced with something way better!

Today we are announcing a huge evolution in Metrica Sports with improved visualizations, a powerful new way to engage with your team.

We want to provide the best quality visualizations, at all levels of the game and this update will give you broadcast-quality annotations on your video, whatever your budget. But most important, without sacrificing what we think makes Play great: the speed and ease of putting together presentations.

We’ve seen the visuals in development and we think you’re going to love them!

Meet the new Play look & experience.

Take one look at our upcoming Play release for this summer, and you’ll see the new features we’re very excited about!

Whether you are interested in your first Play license, or adding another license to your department, contact us! Looking forward to sharing more upgrades and updates with you soon!

We want to change the whole market. We want to level the playing field. Furthermore, we want to keep on building software that the best teams in the world want to use, but we also want that software to be accessible to everyone.

About Metrica Sports:

Metrica Sports was founded in 2014 by CEO Ruben Saavedra, CTO Bruno Dagnino and CMO Enzo Angilletta. Metrica uses artificial intelligence to bring insights and performance improvements to clubs, academies and athletes all over the world. The vision of the founders is to give cutting-edge video and data analysis solutions to every coach, analyst and player in the world.


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