Play for Youth Academies: Coventry City Football Club

Play for Youth Academies: Coventry City Football Club

When a player begins their developmental journey at a young age, therein lies the potential to mold them as they grow and learn skills, acquire new habits, and adjust their day-to-day play.

But youth academies hold a massive amount of impact not only on each player’s game but also on the coaching staff’s development. Metrica Sports wants to help fortify that impact with the influence of video and data analysis. 

We spoke with Coventry City staff, who implemented the software in their day-to-day youth academies.

“Play’s been big for us, especially for the under 18s as most of our pre- and post-match analysis is using these visuals, just allows us to identify areas to exploit especially in your position during the pre match analysis. Then for afterwards or during the post match, it allows us to identify areas where we could improve on and also highlight areas that we have done well in. Play is also useful in the coaches’ education as it allows identifying areas to work on as we can use the key features such as the spotlight which you can identify players’ interactions and sometimes highlight when they should be in other areas of the field.” Sheridan O’Sullivan, Lead academy analyst at Coventry City Football Club.

“More and more now with young people coming through the system being used to on their phones, used to on iPads, used to tablets and being a generation of kids that have grown up on technology, they are more engaged with seeing themself in footage, seeing themself on the iPad, seeing themself on the laptop, seeing themself doing things, and they wanna watch that. So as an academy, we have to adapt, evolve and make sure we can provide that facility for them. I think Metrica Play provides a really innovative, really relatable solution to player analysis but also to annotating video footage. It means that the players can see something that they’d see Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher do on “Sky Sports” and then that’s happening to them in their footage.” Dan Bolas, Academy manager at Coventry City Football Club.

As a complete solution from coding the game to player sharing and analysis, Play by Metrica Sports can effectively communicate the message to the youth in soccer and help you help them elevate performance.

About Metrica Sports:

Metrica Sports was founded in 2014 by CEO Ruben Saavedra, CTO Bruno Dagnino and CMO Enzo Angilletta. Metrica uses artificial intelligence to bring insights and performance improvements to clubs, academies and athletes all over the world. The vision of the founders is to give cutting-edge video and data analysis solutions to every coach, analyst and player in the world.


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