Create rapid player video reports

Use our AI-powered video analysis tools to quickly organize your playlists, add telestration and export/present. Complete the whole process in Play, including adding opening slides/videos. Visualise accurate player speeds on the video, even from low-angle broadcast footage. Use our broadcast tracking data technology to produce physical reports on players from any league, and visualize every sprint in Play.

Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment

Advanced Scouting with data and video analysis

Harness the power of sports performance analytics integrated into Play software, crafted for professional scouts and coaches. Our platform empowers professionals with cutting-edge sports performance solutions, streamlining the creation of rapid player video reports. Dive deep into strategic insights with our sophisticated sport performance analysis software, a hallmark of expertise among sports performance analysis companies. Transform raw data into actionable strategies, enhancing scouting and recruitment efficiency.

Key features

Playlist Management

Organize all video reports into folders and playlists in the software. Auto-player tracking and pitch detection for lightning-fast visualizations.

Telestration tools

Visualize the speed the striker is running behind the defense on even low-angle broadcast footage with the click of a button. Add more subjectivity to your scouting.

Customizable Physical Reports

Get the raw data of any player and make use of our physical module to create customizable physical reports from any player in any league with our broadcast tracking technology.

Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment

Full game on-video
visualization on your
preferred video recording

Overlay dynamic and static visualizations onto your videos to communicate easily with players and staff. Get the data and the software to visualize every sprint.

Share playlists between staff and collaborate

Work collaboratively within your department, share playlists easily with all the clips and all the annotations you have created.

Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment

Copy and paste, drag and drop functionality

Easily upload/download your videos from anywhere, anytime, using Cloud. Any member of the staff can access information instantly.

Integrate your existing data in Play

Import tracking data from other providers

Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment
Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment
Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment

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* Available for Mac OS & Windows

Play for Scouts and Player Recruitment

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