Physical Module is ON!

Customize your own reports

The latest version of Metrica Play has been released, and a new module has been added: You can now decide what data include on your Physical Excel Reports. Stop listing information you don’t want, start creating your reports in the easiest way:


Edit your own Speed Thresholds.

Define minimum and maximum ranges for different metrics such as distance covered or number of sprints. Customize your speed thresholds to match GPS training data.

Only the metrics that are relevant.

Tired of getting lots of information that you don’t use? Create reports with only the data that you need. Pick metrics from a wide range of options.

Set time intervals for your data.

Want to see how physical output changes throughout the game, now you can set intervals to analyze your data. 5mins? 10mins? 15mins? That’s your call.

Different Unit Measurements.

Build your physical report based on the units that you use. Report on your physical data in kilometers per hour, miles per hour or meters per second. See your physical data within the context that make most sense to you and your staff.

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