A company retreat is one of the best things we've done

What a hell of a week it has been! For the first time ever we gathered all Metrica Sports full-time members from all around the world in the same spot, at the same time. 11 cities representing 4 countries over 6 days, that’s something.

One of the most exciting parts of the culture we’ve developed at Metrica Sports is our international retreats. There are an incredible number of benefits which come from us being a distributed team. At the same time, it means that if we don’t arrange retreats, we would never meet each other. We can have someone join the team and work together (very effectively) for several months without meeting in person. With chatting all day via Slack and video calling frequently using Zoom.us, we even get to know each other very well.

This retreat was one of our most productive weeks of the year. It’s not a vacation—although it’s as fun as one. We work together for a week and then we enjoy some awesome activities, like surfing or visiting a national park. Half of our time in Costa Rica was dedicated to work. We had team get-together to discuss Metrica Sports’s past, present as well as future.

Retreats stretch us and remind us that we can do whatever we want, even travel 25 hours across the other side of the world. Once you’re there, you realize it wasn’t that big of a deal, and you can push yourself in so many other ways too.

Once you return home, the conversations you have with team members are enhanced. You know the tone of somebody’s voice and the way they approach problems and discussions. You read their emails differently. This changes things, and is why we’ve found retreats to be not only a fun part of our culture, but an absolute necessity.
It’s our belief that environment can fundamentally affect how happy and productive we are. We do retreats so that everyone has the chance to experience new cultures and grow more open minded.
We try to weave this notion of doing what you love and what you’re passionate about and believe in, right into the culture of the company.

Last but not least, be sure that we’ll do it again next year! We don’t really know if retreats are the elixir of happiness at work, but for sure, it’s one of the main ingredients. So let’s enjoy it without moderation!

Want to join us on the next Metrica Sports retreat? Check out our job listings… http://metrica-sports.workable.com/

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