Automatic. Simple. Agile.

Create & manage all
your video analysis in
one platform.

From coding the game to player sharing, PLAY is the most intuitive platform that elevates your entire workflow.

The most agile platform
to add visualizations

Overlay dynamic and static visualizations onto your videos to communicate easily with players and staff.

Customizable coding tools to measure team performance

Code the different events that take place in a game or training. You can do this post-game or live.

Set visualizations in seconds.

Add visualizations in seconds thanks to our AI automated technology and simplify by pre-programming your presentations.

Our technology interprets all data from any type of video (broadcast, scouting feed, tactical camera, drone, etc)

Online video management with Cloud

Easily upload/download your videos from anywhere, anytime, using Cloud. Any member of the staff can access information instantly.

Multi-video and
multi-XML sync.

You can synchronize different videos from multiple sources and view key moments using multiple views. You can synchronize all your XML’s as well.

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* Available for Mac OS & Windows

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