Understading the plans

  • No. Play licences are limited to one device. If you want to use a certain number of devices, that many licences need to be purchased.

  • Cloud can be accessed from any computer, as it works as an online video management platform for customers that purchase ATD minutes. Via our Cloud, you’ll be able to upload and download videos, as well as manage your account and subscription.

Create your account here and immediately get your free 7-day Trial of our sports analytics video software Lite plan: https://getplay.metrica-sports.com/

Play is available for both Mac and Windows. The latest version can be downloaded here: https://downloads.metrica-sports.com/

Find details about our sports data features below:

  • Our Code plan can be subscribed to for using the CodePad with our Free plan’s features, or as an add-on to our Basic plan; the CodePad is included by default with any higher plans. This functionality allows you to tag your games in greater detail and easily organize your highlights and playlists for football analytics and sports analytics.

  • While the Free plan is limited to 150 annotations per month, the Basic plan (and higher) gives you unlimited access to all visualizations to be added to your clips. This plan also adds the XML-import feature, enabling you to import most third-party XML match reports/coding files to help organize and analyse your projects within Play.

  • Deciding between Basic and Lite (our best choices for private or single-team use) is a matter of how much polish you require in your presentations and how much time you are willing to spend preparing them. The standard Basic plan has manual player tracking and no field calibration. You can add only our 2D visualizations and would have to spend more time on player tracking yourself. The Manual Field Tracking add-on for the Basic plan adds the option for 3D visualizations, like speed, distance and projecting drawing onto the field.

  • Our Lite plan includes automatic player tracking and automatic field tracking, to fully optimize your time and workflow. Even though a Basic plan enables you to get the same results (particularly with the MFT add-on), we typically recommend Lite for the easiest and most efficient workflow.

  • Check out this video for a quick comparison between the different player tracking methods that our plans offer: https://youtu.be/SOs8ZDc7_FA

  • If you are a top football club, our Pro and Elite plans may be best suited to your football analysis software needs. Find out more about these plans on the following page and schedule a personal demo with us: https://metrica-sports.com/pro-elite-plan

Any newly created account of our sports & soccer analysis software starts with a 7-day Trial of the Lite plan by default, if you wish to try it out before deciding on a plan: https://getplay.metrica-sports.com/

Recommended specs for using our sports & football analysis software:
– CPU: 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
– RAM: 16GB 1600MHz memory
– Storage: 256 GB SSD flash storage
– GPU: AMD Radeon R9 M370X or Nvidia GT 750M
– OS: Windows 10 (64 bits) or macOS 12

Minimum specs:
– CPU: 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
– RAM: 4GB of 1600MHz DDR3 memory
– Storage: 5400-rpm HDD
– GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
– OS: Windows 7 (64 bits) or Mac OS X 10.11

Manage your Subscription

To make any changes to your plan, log in to our Cloud with the account used to purchase your subscription. You’ll find the plan info and billing settings via the general settings menu in the top-right.

Our building high-performance teams & sports analytics data software subscription plans are auto-renewed automatically every cycle (whether monthly or yearly), until you cancel your subscription.

When a licence is purchased via our website (i.e. you start a subscription when not logged in with any user account), a user key is sent to your email address so that you can apply your licence to any account of your choice. To apply your user key, log in to our Cloud with your user account and apply your key via the Add Key option in the settings menu.

Our 7-day free Trial includes the CodePad and many other functionalities, therefore applying your Code licence during this Trial period is considered a downgrade and disincentivized by our Cloud systems. Simply wait until your Trial period has run out before applying your key, or reach out to our support team so that they can apply the key for you manually.

The Code plan was created for the main purpose of tagging your game with a high level of detail and easily creating clips and playlists. This plan adds only the CodePad feature; annotations limits are the same as our Free plan. If you wish to have unlimited drawing options, consider upgrading to our Basic plan or higher.

  • Some visualizations require the pitch to be tracked before they can be applied. These are related to 3D projections and/or distance and speed calculations. If the pitch has not been tracked within a clip, those visualizations are greyed out.

  • To get access to the field tracking functionalities, a Basic licence with the Manual Field Tracking add-on is required at minimum. The Lite plan and higher have access to Automatic Field Tracking. Check out the corresponding articles on this page to understand how to use these features: https://help.metrica-sports.com/hc/en-us/sections/5619078464532-TRACKING

Issues with Play

Our Metrica Sports Help Center can be accessed via the question mark button in Play or Cloud, but you can also access it via your browser directly: https://help.metrica-sports.com/hc/en-us There are many helpful articles to help you with anything Play has to offer for football analytics and sports analytics!

  • When creating a new workspace, your operating system will ask you to type a name for it. Opening a video within Play comes later, so at this point you don’t want to select your video file yet.

  • Instead of selecting an existing file, simply enter a new name for your workspace folder and save it in a location of your choice where you can easily find it. This will create a new file with the extension .met

After creating your workspace, you’ll go to the main interface of Play and will be able to add your videos from there. To continue with Play from this point, check out our tutorial page: https://help.metrica-sports.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051532832-Basic-Plan-Create-your-first-presentation

  • The Visualizations’ menu in the top-right is only meant to show momentary drawings in a live setting, and also requires previously tracked players before you can show them in your presentation. Rather than adding Visualizations to your video, however, try adding Annotations to your clips instead.

You can add annotations to your clips permanently by selecting any clip and opening the Annotations Module, as explained in this article: https://help.metrica-sports.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035947511-ANNOTATIONS-Adding-Player-Visualizations

To reset your password, open the following link and fill in your email address: https://cloud.metrica-sports.com/forgot-password

  • Play by Metrica Sports allows one device per user account and one user account per device. When attempting to use a different device with your account, or when attempting to use a different account to log in to your device, a notification will appear to explain why the login is not allowed and shows the current device link.

  • If you wish to make any changes to your device link, please reach out to our support team so that we can manually assess your case and decide whether to allow the use of a different device or user account.

  • While we are vigilant about users repeating our free and trial plans to circumvent their inherent limitations, we understand that you may purchase a new device every once in a while or simply want to move your account to a different device for any reason. Our support team are happy to clear your device link in most cases.

  • Please note that permanently deleting your account does not clear your device for other users. This does remove your active subscriptions, however, if you have any. Please reach out to our support team so that we can provide a solution in case you want to make any changes to your device link.

Click on the question mark button in Play or Cloud, and you’ll see the option to contact us. Fill in the form and provide as many details as possible about your question or problem. Alternatively, you can email our support team directly: support@metrica-sports.com Our support tickets are typically replied to within one business day.


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