About Us.

Take Performance Analysis to the next level. Metrica Sports is the best way to combine Data & Video.

Our Purpose

Sports make the world a better place. Every single weekend, there are billions of fans cheering for their teams, and millions of players giving their best on the field. They connect people in a way that only a shared passion can achieve; they connect families; they creates friendships; they unite communities; they brings joy into the world.

At Metrica Sports, we live to nurture that passion. We want to lead a revolution in sports by developing innovative solutions that empower the constant evolution of sports. Whether it is at an amateur level or a professional one, we strive for two things: 1) help every single athlete and team improve their performance and 2) create a deeper connection between fans and their teams and vice versa.

What We Can Do

Metrica, was born from the desire to provide clubs with the necessary tools to transform raw data into an actionable output. At Metrica we strongly believe that the only way to get the best out of a data set, is by working side by side with managers and coaches in order to develop tailor made analysis that fit to the unique needs of a team.

  • Create and share clips with visualizations in seconds
  • Detect patterns that you couldn't see before
  • Your work deserves the most precise data in the market

Metrica Sports pushing forward

Metrica Sports is creating a revolution in Sports. Video and Data analytics like never before.

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Our Top Missions

Users are at the center

We can have an amazing technology, a super user friendly software and the best of company cultures, but if our products don’t solve a real need as well as humanly possible we have nothing.

Products we are proud of

You should be proud of the work you do. We build great easy to use, user centered products or we build nothing.

Keep learning and challenging yourself

At Metrica we challenge ourselves every step of the way to be the best version of what we can be. Challenges come with learning. Always be learning.

Reasons over ranks

It doesn’t matter who is right, it just matters that we are right as a company. At Metrica Sports the best argument should always win. We question how things are, but once a decision is made, we commit to it no matter what.

Explain why. Understand why

Knowing the reason behind why something needs to be done or why it needs to be done in a particular way adds meaning to the work and it increases the chances of  making the right decision. Always make sure to explain/understand why.


We all must row in the same direction for the company to succeed. It is important that everybody understands what their role is within the company, and why you are doing what you are doing, what impact it has. Being transparent help colleagues to be all in the same page.

Meet The Team

Bruno Dagnino
Co-Founder & CTO
Ruben Saavedra Pascual
Co-Founder & CEO
Enzo Angilletta
Co-Founder & CMO
Guido Villaverde
Lead Developer
Ewan Robson
North America Business Developer
Jeremy Patay
Sales Director EMEA
Fran Carrascosa
AI Engineer
Tim van der Tuuk
Data Operations Manager
Gonzalo Izquierdo Brown
AI Engineer
Jonatan del Valle
Front End Developer
Brett O’Connor
Video Acquisition Manager
Sydney Reiners
Video Acquisition Assistant
Milan Thijs Klaasman
Data Acquisition Coordinator
Christopher Ashbrook
Data Acquisition Coordinator