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Metrica Sports: Sports Analytics Software

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We use artificial intelligence to build the machine that understands the game to bring insights and performance improvement to all sports, teams, athletes and fans across the world.

About us

Our story

In 2013, while having after work beers in Amsterdam, the three of us would have passionate discussions about football, but even though we loved Sports Analytics, we didn’t have any analytical tools to support our discussions. Thus, we embarked on a mission to bring elite analysis and media tools to coaches, athletes and fans at all levels of the game.

At Metrica Sports, we live to contribute to football and sports passion of billions of fans around the world. Together with passionate coaches and sports analysts, we want to grow football and other sports, and sports analytics, by providing state-of-the-art performance sport analytics tools to clubs and media organizations at all levels of the game.

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About us


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About us


Sports Data Analytics: From data visualization to enhance team performance

Our core product is Play. This fundamental platform for every coach and analyst, that will enhance your play and sport performance level! This complete sport analytics solution offers complex support from coding the game with your sports data to player sharing. To enable canalizing games and editing videos with added visualizations in no-time. Easy, with flexibility, our customizable sports analytics program gathers all your video analysis in one place and makes it easier to communicate with your players effectively with clear data visualization.

Sports data analysis enhanced with the newest technology

Our goal is to lead the technology revolution in sports and sports performance by making cutting-edge technologies available to everyone, at all levels of the game. That is why we offer plans from free lifetime up to elite plan for top teams.

Data analytics sports: Customer-centred customizable sports data software

With a customer at the centre, we constantly develop our sports analytics program, based on our customers’ feedback and needs, to make us all proud of our work and achievements. At Metrica Sports, we challenge ourselves every step of the way to be the best version of what we can be.

About us

“We are commited to the analysts and coaches at all levels who live and breathe the game. To those of you who are with the players every step of the way, you now have us taking each step with you.

We exist to support you, to help you do what you do best by providing quality, innovative and meaninful video-data analysis for teams globally, at every level of the game.”

About us
About us
About us
About us

Leadership team

Meet the people who drive Metrica Sports strategy and business operations

About us

MSc in Physics, PhD in Neuroscience with high impact. Publications (Neuron and Science). Strong background in research, data analysis and A.I.

About us

MSC in Biotech, PhD in Neuroscience. Understands data and business.

About us

A stand alone product architect. Multimedia Designer and expert in Filmmaking and Video Editing.

Remote work is on the rise

We’re a fully remote workplace, and there’s a reason a lot of our team members have been here so long; they don’t want to leave. We inspire working hard, building great relationships, and providing a supportive environment for growth and interesting work.

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About us
About us

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