about metrica

We are using artificial intelligence to build the machine that understands the game to bring insights and performance improvement to all sports, teams, athletes and fans of the world.


In 2013, while having after work beers in Amsterdam, the three of us would have passionate discussions about football, but even though we loved Sports Analytics, we didn’t have any analytical tools to support our discussions. Thus, we embarked on a mission to bring elite analysis and media tools to coaches, athletes and fans at all levels of the game.

We started by studying the professional market. We found that teams needed to identify key moments of the game automatically and communicate their feedback to players in a more engaging way.

Based on that, we built Metrica Play…

Play provides clubs with detection of key moments using pattern recognition technology. It can plot and visualize the relevant information in a fast, flexible and easy way, which improves the interaction between coaches and players by showing them hard facts in a visual and intuitive way directly connected to the video.

OUR mission

We are capitalizing on profound changes in AI technology and market adaptation to new insights, which collectively are driving a shift towards more flexible and universal analytical layers in Sports.

revolution in sports

We want to lead a revolution in sports by developing innovative solutions that empower the constant evolution of Sports. Whether it is at an amateur level or a professional one, we strive for two things:

Help every single athlete and team improve their performance

Create a deeper connection between fans and their teams and viceversa





We can have an amazing technology, a super user friendly software and the best of company cultures, but if our products don’t solve a real need as well as humanly possible we have nothing.


You should be proud of the work you do. We build great easy to use, user centered products or we build nothing.

keep learning

At Metrica we challenge ourselves every step of the way to be the best version of what we can be. Challenges come with learning. Always be learning.


It doesn’t matter who is right, it just matters that we are right as a company. At Metrica Sports the best argument should always win. We question how things are, but once a decision is made, we commit to it no matter what.


Knowing the reason behind why something needs to be done or why it needs to be done in a particular way adds meaning to the work and it increases the chances of making the right decision. Always make sure to explain/understand why.


We all must row in the same direction for the company to succeed. It is important that everybody understands what their role is within the company, and why you are doing what you are doing, what impact it has. Being transparent help colleagues to be all in the same page.

remote work is on the rise

We’re a fully remote workplace, and there’s a reason a lot of our team members have been here so long. They don’t want to leave. We inspire working hard, building great relationships, and providing a supportive environment for growth and interesting work.


Meet the people who drive Metrica Sports strategy and business operations.

bruno dagnino (CTO)

tech & strategy

MSc in Physics, PhD in Neuroscience with high impact
publications (Neuron and Science). Strong background in
research, data analysis and A.I.

ruben saavedra (CEO)

sales & business

MSC in Biotech, PhD in Neuroscience. Understands data and business.

enzo angilletta (CMO)

product & marketing

A stand alone product architect. Multimedia Designer and expert in Filmmaking and Video Editing.

guido villaverde

lead developer

10+ year Full-stack Developer. Experience making desktop/mobile/web apps and Video Games.

ewan robson


Highly accomplished and goal driven business development professional with 10+ years of experience in the elite sports technology industry.

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